Rue Morgue Radio gives nod to Ghostbusters

bloodspatteredguideRue Morgue Radio, the aural wing of the Rue Morgue Magazine empire, featured a look at the Ghostbusters theme this week, which is a nice encapsulation of the history of the tune. And then they kind of cause a headscratcher by playing Ghostbusters by… Allister? I’m not an expert in the Ghostbusters cover versions, but I always thought this version was by Attaboy Skip. Were we wrong? And if we’re not, it’s a shame they didn’t know – Attaboy Skip was also sued by Huey Lewis for their cover, according to the band, and have since then referred to it as Ghost Chasing Science Guys. A nice treat is their except interview with Ernie Hudson, from previous years, but given he opens by saying he doesn’t think the movie is going to get made, it’s in contrast to this week’s excitement rumours and news.

Have a listen for yourself – Rue Morgue Radio should be a weekly must listen, particularly around this time of year.

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