Missed the Philly GBs on Geekcast? Listen again!

Missed the livecast of this week’s Geekcast with the Philadelphia GBs? Well no sweat – the podcast is not live online for you to download and check out.

Adam and Ed represented the Philadelphia Ghostbusters and participated in an interview with the hosts Aaron and Gozer of The GeekcastGeekcast is a podcast that is great for geeks, learning about technology, games, movies, and everything else!  They wanted to do a Halloween episode and asked the PGB to participate!

We had a great time and talked about the PGB group and the charity work we do, as well as our geek interests and even answered Ghostbusters trivia!  I think we did pretty well!  The interview was streamed live with a live chat and has now been edited and added to their podcast.

It’s a great listen, and tune in to past and future episodes coming from The Geekcast!  You can hear it at either of these links…

Itunes Podcast
The Geekcast Official Website

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