Hoobastank GB cover video!

HEY! HO! Bustin’ feels pretty good! Exclusive look at video for cover single released earlier this week! Happy Halloween!

As catchy as the song is – and by this point, you may have already heard it, as the season appropriate track hit public ears this week – the video seals the deal. Hoobastank loves Ghostbusters.

Any band can cover Ghostbusters, and probably has. It’s a song so catchy and popular that hamsters have covered it. But to do it well, while sporting some sweet Real Ghostbusters gear, to wave around an awesome neon RGB PKE meter, to find yourself a Janine AND Dana/Zuul to appear in your video… well, that takes some geek passion. And don’t even get me started on their Samhain cameo – quick and dirty, maybe, but hilarious! They even toss in a GB2 nod!


The video is now up on YouTube, which means you can play a HQ version (this one is sizable, but the YouTube one has it beat by a bit.) Currently it appears this song and video are not available for purchase – it sounds like the the song, and definitely the video (which apparently was shot and cut a mere four days ago) is a little Halloween love-letter from the band to their fans, but their new album, Fornever, is out now.

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