For the GB fan who has everything… except the RGB DVD set.

With the holidays coming (or so TV commercials have been telling me since ten minutes after Halloween ended), I thought it might be time to start putting together the old Ghostbusters shopping list for people looking to by a loved one (or themselves) something Ghostbustery for Christmas. And to that end, I reached out to Time Life to see what they had in store for the holiday season.

Surprise! Time Life has set up an exclusive holiday sale for Proton Charging, allowing US fans to pick up the Real Ghostbusters complete DVD set for 22%, and Canadian fans to pick it up for $40 off! These deals are good until January 31st, 2010, and will not wobble with supply at demand, like Amazon’s – so shop around for your best price, but the simplest and unwavering option until the New Year is from Time Life!

Proton Charging Exclusive – Save 22% on The Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection at Use code AFCHARGING

Canadians save $40 on The Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection. Valid until 1-31-10 using the coupon code – AFPROTON

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