Minimates Terror Dog – some un-and-re-assembly required

A recent article at Art Asylum’s website reveled some hidden secrets you might not have known about your favorite little dudes – one in particular relates to Minimates Terror Dog. It turns out it wasn’t produced quite as intended, but with a little work, you can get it looking just as the designer intended;

When designing the Terror Dog, I thought it would be best to have the front legs reversed so that the joint bent in the opposite direction. This would help give the further appearance of a dog’s stance. Unfortunately in the production of the figure, the legs were put on in the “proper” configuration of the left leg on the left side and vice versa. With a little patience (and fun as well — who doesn’t like to take their Minimates apart?) you can reverse the legs to have your dog standing as originally intended. While not a major revelation, it’s something I find adds a nice touch to make the figure look more dog-like.

Later, it’s suggested you use Slimer’s “flying” base to make other Minimates fly as well. Handy for those who want to make the video game boss Minimates float around! Stay tuned, there are apparently more Easter Egg articles to come in the future.

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