Buffalo-based band seeks like-minded, Ghostbuster fan guitarist.

From Craigslist;

We’re just normal people (ages 20s +/-) with eccentric tastes that prefer to make something BIG HAPPEN.

GUITARISTS who can play standard major/minor barchords & also first position chords are a plus. Nothing overly technical or difficult. Please no showoffs. Just the same chords like “Johnny Ramone” would do, but some of our songs are a little intricate. (switching chords between strings, not just frets) (sliding with A-position barchords)

Well we’re inspired about the writings of the both the film and cartoons, even the new videogame release. Can’t you relate?

[What we write/wrote about]:
Occult Phenomena
History/ Prehistorical
Ghosts, Spirits, Souls
Dark topics dared to be theorized about, dared to be shotdown for introducing into your world.
Scary horrifying events, but not the “horror” genre as usual.
Ancient Halloween/Samhain/Samain (even Aztec Day Of The Dead)

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