We Are Legion: Alison Brie

From Hanna Montana, to Mad Med, to the new comedy, Community, Alison Brie has had a solid career on TV, but when she and her Community co-star Donald Glover were asked 20 questions by PopMatters.com we find she has solid taste as well.

9. The creative masterpiece you wish bore your signature?
Donald: Back to the Future. I love that movie. It’s so much fun, and funny, and has action and love and everything. And McFly is so ol’ school cool. I just love it. I wish that bore my name ‘cause I only get jealous of things I feel like I could’ve made.

I love time travel and love stories and action sequences. I feel like if I was born a little earlier, I could have made something similar. But I’m 98 percent sure that’s just wishful thinking.

Alison: I’ll see your Back to the Future and raise you a Ghostbusters. I love that movie! A while ago they played it on AMC every Saturday and Sunday for a month and I watched it every time. No joke.

Then I decided to join Twitter because I thought there must be better ways to spend my time. Ghostbusters has the perfect balance of humor and science-fiction and action. And Sigourney Weaver is damn near perfect in it. And its theme song rocked the world.

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