URGENT! Arizona GBs need scan of Ecto-1 sticker sheet for charity auction!

The Arizona GBs are auctioning off a giant pile of RGB toys at their upcoming Ghostbusters screening, for the benefit of The Children’s Cancer Network – the only downside is that their Kenner Ecto-1 (not Ecto-1a) car, which is complete in most every way, is missing it’s sticker sheet!

In the past, someone was good enough to scan it for the community, but we can’t recall where that was and some ham fisted Googling didn’t help much.

So, can anybody out there either find that original sheet scan or has the easy ability to scan the sheet themselves?


Short notice, I know, but 48 hours is, like, forever in internet terms, right?

Thanks in advance! Either post the link in the comments here (the spam filter might hold your posts, but I’ll be checking regularly to make sure it goes live) or at their website.

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