Column: The Private Sector – Thanksgiving Break

This is an abridged column this week because of the holiday, but I wanted to share a brief fuzzy memory with you all.

Thanksgiving has always been synonymous with “The Revenge of Murray the Mantis.” Sure, it’s a Thanksgiving Day themed episode of Real Ghostbusters, so it makes sense, but for the longest time it was the only Real Ghostbusters VHS that was available at the local (and now long-gone) Franktown Video.

I must have begged my parents to rent that tape a thousand times. Probably enough times that would have paid for the incredible Time Life box set two or three times over.

So enjoy the Turkey Day from both myself and all the webmasters gracious enough to host this column. Watch out for demonically possessed parade floats.

[The Private Sector is a weekly syndicated column written by Troy Benjamin presented every Wednesday on GB Fans, Proton Charging, and as an op-ed look at the goings on in the world of the Ghostbusters franchise. Learn more about Troy at]

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