Extreme Ghostbusters reference art posted online


The only thing better than artists posting new work online, is artists posting old work online. In this case, Thomas Perkins, who worked on The Extreme Ghostbusters, has been posting some of his reference art from over a decade ago, including concept art for Home Is Where The Horror Is and Ghost Apocalyptic Future.

One of the interesting things to note is that the concept art of Tempus, for Ghost Apocalyptic Future is marked as being as being episode 19, when in reality it was aired as the 18th episode (you can see all the crazy production number/air-date shuffling at Spook Central)

And if you’re new to the site (meaning, you only started reading at some point in the last ten years), check out PC’s interview with RGB and EGB vet Fil Barlow!

[VIA GhostbustersNews.com]

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