Ho ho ho! IDW Holiday issue hits iTunes store early!

IMG_0563The holiday comic, Ghostbusters: Past, Present, and Future, hasn’t hit stores in the real world yet, but for two bucks you can grab the comic for your iPhone or iTouch right now!

US iTunes store

Canadian iTunes store

UK iTunes store

German iTunes store

OK, it looks like I could go on forever, so please check your country’s iTunes store – I do not know if they’re localized, or English only.

Big thanks to our Private Sector columnist, Troy, for the heads up!

Every Ghostbusters reference in Family Guy (to date)

I’m very picky about Ghostbusters references as news on PC – there are so many out there, I tend to only post about ones that catchy my fancy. Family Guy has had a handful of them, the most recent being Dan Aykroyd as a guest-star (complete with a PKE meter tracking device), and while I haven’t posted much about them (a probably wouldn’t have), Ed Hartman of the Philly GBs has made a great compilation clip – I can only assume it will get longer as the show goes on, as it’s pretty clear the writers are big ner… fans. I meant fans. I was not about to say nerds.

Cross The Streams Podcast episode 4 – Dapper Dan interview! [UPDATE]


The fourth episode of the Cross The Streams Podcast is now online and this time the guys got a chance to chew the fat with Dapper Dan Schoening – you know, that guy that does all that art you really, really love. This is in addition to all the regular Ghostbusters discussion we all enjoy. Important note, the show has officially finished it’s shakedown period, according to the producers, and it’s now sporting a new look, new cast, and new, “less offensive outlook.”


Get the new episode here!

Short promo of Dapper Dan interview

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Short promo of Cross the Streams and the upcoming GB1&2 doublebill in Ottawa

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Extreme Ghostbusters reference art posted online


The only thing better than artists posting new work online, is artists posting old work online. In this case, Thomas Perkins, who worked on The Extreme Ghostbusters, has been posting some of his reference art from over a decade ago, including concept art for Home Is Where The Horror Is and Ghost Apocalyptic Future.

One of the interesting things to note is that the concept art of Tempus, for Ghost Apocalyptic Future is marked as being as being episode 19, when in reality it was aired as the 18th episode (you can see all the crazy production number/air-date shuffling at Spook Central)

And if you’re new to the site (meaning, you only started reading at some point in the last ten years), check out PC’s interview with RGB and EGB vet Fil Barlow!

[VIA GhostbustersNews.com]

Sneak peek at IDW X-mas comic – win an advanced copy!

Calliopes Realm has posted the first 3 pages from IDW’s Ghostbusters: Past Present and Future – I’m really excited by the new art, by Diego Jourdan, I will say that. It’s nice that they’re mixing it up between the various series.

And, if that’s not enough for you, they’re having a contest in which you can win an advanced copy of the holiday special issue!

[VIA http://therealghostbusters.com/?p=649]