Cereal:Geek finds home with DCD! DST finds home with GBFans.com!

dec_2009_promoWhoo! Anything that allows me to buy my favorite stuff with the click of the mouse (or a phonecall to my favourite comic shop), I’m in!

Cereal:Geek Magazine is poised to release their 6th issue, but as you may have heard, print publishing is a harsh mistress these days. Faced with a conundrum, James Eatock (mastermind and editor) pitched the magazine to Diamond Comics Distribution, and happily for him (and no duh to the rest of us that know how awesome his mag is), they like it and in January’s issue of the Previews catalog, they will start soliciting issues #2 and #3.

Why is if important for you to know this? Well, it’s because it’s a test for the magazine – based on the response those issues get, Diamond will then consider ordering re-prints, and order the printing of issue #6. So, if you’ve ever wanted the magazine (and if you like the Real Ghostbusters and other 80s Saturday Morning Cartoons, you do) this is the time to pick it up. If you have holes in your collection (I have one), this is a good way to fill it. And if you want a cool present for someone like minded, here you go – any way you handle it, this will help boost the sales and ensure the future of this one-of-a-kind magazine.

Heck, starting January (and I will be reminding you) even spreading the word will be a big help, so keep and eye out and be ready to post on Facebook, or retweet on Twitter, or something.

And speaking of Diamond, Diamond Select Toys and GBFans have shaken hands and you can now order Ghostbustesr DST merch, such as the Minimates, direct from GBFans! All the DST GB swag you could want, all in one place!

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