Weaver hasn’t seen script yet. Oscar likely, dead Venkman still guess-work.

MTV sat down with Sigourney Weaver, still promoting Avatar, and asked her to follow up on her earlier comments that Bill Murray would be back as a ghost and that Oscar would be one of the new team members. Her answers didn’t help the wishful thinkers at MTV, who are positing the alternate idea that she didn’t get her info from the script but rather from Ivan Reitman.

This is a possibility, but given her wording, I’m more comfortable with the idea that Reitman told her about the plans for Oscar, but not with Murray as a ghost. She says, specifically, that she doesn’t know about Murray as a ghost and that she guesses he could come back as one.

“I don’t know,” she told our own Josh Horowitz. “He could come back as a sort of Slimer character.”

A Slimer? The very room service-chomping blob of green Jell-O that attacked him in the first film and gave him the catchphrase-worthy line, “He slimed me”? That’s a pretty specific reference from Weaver, and it leads us to believe what she said at the press conference was not just an off-hand comment. But Weaver went on to say she’s not yet read a script.

“I haven’t read the script,” she said. “They’re sending me the script. I guess my little son Oscar who was kidnapped is a Ghostbuster, which makes me very proud. So Ivan Reitman called me the other day and said he would love me to take a look at it. In a few weeks I’ll actually know what it is, though I probably won’t be able to talk about it.”

Because as I’ve been thinking about it, the best line, character-wise, in Ghostbusters 2 is Venkman sharing a moment with baby Oscar, “You know, I could have been your father.”

So, really? Erasing this natural dynamic between a boy trying to be a Ghostbuster and his father-figure/step-dad/whatever is a good idea for the movie? If you’re going to have Oscar, it seems a given you have to have a LIVING Venkman.

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