CubeDude Ghostbusters (and Stay-Puft)

LEGO has long been a favorite of Ghostbusters fans, as nimble hands and nimble minds could always turn a pile of bricks into a firehall or Ecto-1, and some minifigs with tank packs (either scuba or astronaut) made easy Ghostbusters. Some have even gone so far as to make their own LEGO equipment.

Now CubeDude has done something truely unique, using LEGO as a medium for his expressionist Ghostbusters – for a closer look, as well as a look at his Mr. Stay-Puft and other film-inspired cube dudes (you have to see these), head to his flickr page.

Thanks to @jacksteinborn

Another recent Ghostbusters LEGO notable includes;
Orion Pax’s Ghostbusters series, including the firehall, Ecto-1, and guys, plus an amazing proton pack! The use of the day-glow transparent pieces as slime is awesome.

Trust, me, follow this link to have a blast looking at hundreds and hundreds of Ghostbustes LEGO!

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