UKGB post-charity walk photo roundup!

Well, London enjoyed a Sunny, if crisp day for the The David Statton Sick Children’s charity walk, and the UKGBs donned proton packs and long-johns to do their part.

A tonne of great pictures of the event, in which they had a number of busters, a sweet ecto ride, a library ghost, a walking statue of liberty, stay-puft marshmallow man, and no-ghost logo (I think) can be seen at the GBFan forums (which have now made their threads viewable to non-members.)

In conclusion:

We walked 2 solid miles in gear for the parade (not including extra walking for transport and such).
We walked for two hours along the parade route.
The post-parade period lasted another hour (we were quite surprised after hearing Big Ben chime three as we walked away from the Square, to hear it chime four as we began to make our separate ways home).
We were interviewed at least three times by the grandstand commentators, Joey once (I think) Myself twice, Robert once (I think).
I had departed home around 8:50 in the morning, and didn’t get home until around twenty past six, or something like that.
I had one of the best experiences of my life, and I would neither regret it nor would be reluctant to recommend it to other people.

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