Ghostbusters history lessons thanks to Google

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Googles book searches, mostly because it’s allowed me to find a lot of great magazine reviews for the two movies. Then I get very angry BECAUSE IN THE OLD DAYS I HAD TO GO TO THE LIBRARY AND ORDER THIS STUFF! No kidding, you kids have it easy – I spent weeks in the library, searching through giant magazine index books, and then requesting copies be pulled out of storage or even sent from other libraries. Gah!

Anyhow, initially I was posting them to Twitter (and if you’re not on Twitter, please consider it, if only because there’s lots of amusing Ghostbusters stuff there that won’t end up here), but the banner art for this Texas Monthly review demanded it be a PC headline image – and in order to justify a headline image, I figured I’d start linking to all the reviews here.

You should read these, as old reviews are very very telling. Some of the stupid things reviewers said about the movies back in the day defy all logic. For example;

Texas Montly, 1984 – “Ghostbusters has its hilarious moments, but they’re all Bill Murray’s.”

New York Magazine, 1984 “Ghostbusters is… media parody, wild slapstick, sneaky-dirty sex…”

New York Magazine, 1989 “Ghostbusters 2’s special FX are clunky and ugly, but the movie is amiable…”

I’m still looking through the files – might be about time to dig up all those dusty old photocopies I put together years ago… the hard way!

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