Hot Wheels Ecto-1 due this month!

Uh, surprise?!

The Hot Wheels Collector website has sneak peak pics of a Hot Wheels Ecto-1, which is apparently due out this month! So, keep an eye out at your local Toys R Us.

Head over to the HWC site to peep the pics – you’ll have to shuffle through a couple dozen thumbnails of the other Hot Wheels cars due this month to get to the Ecto-1. I’ve included a small thumbnail here under threat of death from above, apparently. If I stop posting, you’ll know it’s because HWC had me whacked.

The car is very much a Hot Wheels rather than a Johnny Lightning, in that the detail is reduced, in keeping with the average price-point of a Hot Wheels car, but that just means more fun for more people, right?
[VIA / Ecto-Collector]

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