Reitman confirms second draft, director intentions; distances Weaver's comments

MTV caught Ivan Reitman on the red carpet in New York and immediately went to Ghostbusters three.

Of the things he talked about, he confirmed the Eisenberg-Stupnitsky script is in a second draft (a good sign – it would also make it, theoretically, the fourth script for Ghostbusters three), he said emphatically that he would direct (solidifying something he was still only thinking about back in September of last year), and all this went a long way to confirming the various comments from Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and Dan Aykroyd that the intention is to start filming this year and release next year (an intention that just got a whole lot stronger now that Spider-man 4 will no longer be Sony’s Blockbuster for Summer 2011.)

What Reitman would not confirm were what alterations were being made to the script and if those alterations were as Sigourney Weaver had “leaked” a few weeks back. Reitman laughed off the suggestion and said he had not been in contact with Weaver regarding the film, due to her busy Avatar promotional tour – which puts a lot of weigh on our suggestion that she was using old news to sounds enthused and involved about something she wasn’t up to speed on.

Big thanks to the millions of you that sent in the various links – you know who you are – and a gentle reminder, again, to those of you that posted the news in the comments section of older news; that’s not how it’s done, please.

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