Third wave of TRU exclusive Minimates announced

[correction] This is the THIRD wave of TRU Ghostbusters minimates, not the second as I originally wrote. I’m not sure how the repackaged minimates will be counted.

Well, this just keeps getting better and better. Besides Diamond Select Toy’s intention to repackage, as TRU 2-packs, favorite figures from the first two waves of specialty shop Minimates, they’ve now announced the NEW figures that will be available as TRU-only 2-packs. These include;

-Ghostbusters 2 uniform Egon Spengler with the Titanic Ghost
-Courtroom Ray Stantz with a Scolari Brother (unknown which at this time.)
-Courtroom Egon Spengler with a Scolari Brother (unknown which at this time.)
-Vigo the Carpathian with World of the Psychic Peter Venkman, complete with Ira, the hairless cat!

In addition to these new sets, the wave 1 and 2 repackages will include;

– Library Ghost with GB1 Egon
– Slimed Peter and Slimer (Clear – with food in tummy)
– GB1 Ray and Staypuft
– GB2 Luis Tully with Slimer

That’s a lot of 2-packs to pick up this year!

[VIA GBFans and Toy News International)

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