"Best of #1" Minimates go on sale – no Ecto-1 planned

Toys R Us has posted the four re-issued Minimate packs, using figures taken from the first wave, and apparently titled “Best of #1” – which is confusing, as the figures are drawn from the first two waves of Toys R Us exclusive figs. The sets are selling at the usual price of $6.99.

It does answer one question I had, which is what the difference was between the two Slimers. Indeed, only the one with Slimed Peter has the see-through stomach of food.

Speaking of Minimates, in a recent Q&A, Art Asylum got a lot of questions about the Ecto-1 and the bad news is that their license does not include any vehicles – however, they are very seriously considering slime packs in a future wave of figures, if they can manage it!

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