More Ghostbusters pre-production rumours – 3D?!?

MarketSaw, a website that specializes in news about 3D movies, has it on good authority from someone inside ILM that preproduction on Ghostbusters 3 has begun, and in a decidedly grand way – apparently, if the rumours are true, Ghostbusters 3 will be in 3D.

Indeed this creates a lot of questions – most important is “how solid is this info?”, followed by “and if it is solid, how close is an official greenlight on the project.” After all, if production isn’t greenlit, all this SFX cloak and dagger stuff is moot. The 3D aspect aside, this rumour is more interesting as it is the first confirmation of ANY sort of pre-production being underway. New York, for example, has yet to see ANY location scouting (that’s my exclusive PC rumour of the day.)

But finally, should Ghostbusters be in 3D? It’s a question only recently being applied to predominantly live-action films, after a couple of years of big boxoffice for CGI 3D films.

I don’t know if it needs to be in 3D, but it certainly can’t hurt. And for those of you who weren’t around in the 80s, there’s something very oldschool about making the third film 3D.

Thanks to Daryn and Clayton for the heads up.

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