Two days left in Namco-Bandai charity Ecto-1 auction

This one has been kicking around for awhile, so I figure I’d better get it up before it’s all over.

If you’ll recall our earlier post about Namco-Bandai joining forces with GameStop in Germany to build and then auction off a near-Ecto-1 replica (the car used is a ’68 Caddy Fleetwood – nobody would mistake it as the original car, but still a sweet ride), well, the auction did finally go live, the photos I guessed at before proved to be correct, and currently, with two days left, the car is going for just over 32,000 Euros (that’s about $45,000US.)

I’m not sure how many here are a) in Europe, b) have that kind of cash, and c) wouldn’t mind the inaccuracy of the car, but it’s still nice to know that A Heart For Children is going to get a big pile o’ cash!

Thanks to Andreas for the heads up!

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