Universal Studios Florida Ecto-1 auctioned off one year after last sale!

Jeff from the Arizona Ghostbusters pointed out that there’s a lot of buzz at GBFans.com about the Ecto-1 replica that used to feature at Universal Studios Orlando, was auctioned off in Scottsdale recently. A lot of pictures were taken and the car was even featured on the Speed Network, where it sold for $80,000 (88K with a 10% buyer commission added – woof)! That’s nearly double what it sold for less that one year ago, you’ll recall.

Ernie Hudson was on hand for the auction, which was a nice surprise, but I’m a little unsure about the announcer’s patter, which I think is a misunderstanding and combination of facts. When the car went on sale last year (same car with the same title of ownership from USF) it was firmly believed by Ecto fans that this car was not created for the film, but after the film for specific use by USF. This then would, as I understand it, make it the post-filming promotional car, built by Peter Mosen, and then (again, from the chatter around last year’s sale) later refurbished and made more movie accurate by Steve Johnson pal, Paul Francis.

Summary: Sony authorized 1 of 3 original cars. Comes with a copy of the Universal title and bill of sale. Street legal, own a piece of car history.
Details: This is one of the 3 original authorized Ghostbuster cars by Sony. This car comes with a copy of the original Universal Studio title and bill of sale. This is an autographed car. This car is street legal, the lights and sirens all work. This is your chance to own a piece of automobile history. This car draws a huge crowd where ever it goes. Remember there are only 3 in the world and this is 1 of them. What more can be said about this Ghostbusters car that you don’t already know.

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