Cross The Streams podcast #5 online

The title says it all – Cross the Streams is up to episode #5 and is bringing in special guest, Ben “Kingpin” Kingsley, GB mod extraordinaire;

Cross The Streams Radio Show – Lucky #5

On the latest installment of Cross the Streams Radio Show, we deal with the latest rumors and truths to the film that may or may not be in pre-production, Ghostbusters 3. We sit down and talk to and Moderator Ben King along side with Ghostheads Podcast co-host Jason Hughes.

We hope you all enjoy Cross the Streams Radio Show and will continue to listen to future broadcasts…who knows who will be on next.

Cross the Streams Radio Show - Lucky #5

Episode 5 Contains the Following:

Show’s Intro
Round Table with guests Ben King and Jason Hughes
Show’s Extro

If you have any questions, comments or just feedback that you’d like to give about Episode 5, or about the show in general, please feel free to email us at:

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