Slimer statue now available through

Remember those cool Slimer statues that Steve Johnson and company produced for Amazon’s Exclusive Slimed edition of the Ghostbusters video game? Well, if you missed out, or if you just wanted the statue and not the other stuff (game, console appliques, keychain Ecto-1), well now you can buy it directly, and on its own, from, along with a wide range of official t-shirts, DST Minimates (including the video game ghosts that were supposed to be part of the Amazon edition originally, but were canceled), um… piggy banks…. knobs… wire… You name it, GBFans has a tonne of stuff.

But speaking specifically about the statue, it’s awesome (looks lovingly at the statue sitting on desk)

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is up for Interactive Achievement Award

Speaking of the Interactive Achievement Awards, Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game is up for an award for Outstanding Achievement in Adapted Story. And after wrongly failing to win some other, shoo-in awards, this one has got to be in the bag. Partly because the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences is more about the art and the science (as opposed to the manliness and Doritos commercials) and “Outstanding Achievement in Adapted Story” in 2009 is practically code for “Outstanding Ghostbusters Game with Ghosts”. Oh sure, Batman: Arkham Asylum was cool, and yes yes, Marvel blah blah blah. But it’s hard to consider their stories more outstanding or better adapted than bring Ghostbusters back to near 1980s popularity levels.

David Crane to recieve Videogame Pioneer award

This is not the first time David Crane has received a pioneer award, and if there’s any justice, it won’t be the last either. The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences will be honouring David Crane, the man behind the first and classic (in every sense) Ghostbusters video game, as a video game pioneer as part of their 13th Annual Interactive Achievements awards.

Wired magazine sat down to talk to him about his legacy of gaming – no specifics about Ghostbusters, but still an excellent read. It has to be remembered that the original Ghostbusters game was created, start to finish, by Crane alone (as all Atari games were created, usually, by one developer in those days.)

miniFest VFX screening pics

JDRaimer made it to the Ghostbusters 25th and a half screening of Ghostbusters, with over a DOZEN of the Boss effects team in attendance, and while it would have been awesome to attend, JD took over 60 pictures, many of them of really excellent back-in-the-day from the FX team themselves.

Nice work, JD! Thanks!

WeenIcons to release art-toy "Ghostbuster" figure.

First they made t-shirts. That quickly spread to other types of swag. And now they’re turning those cute little figures into real little figures, including a very limited edition (120) glow-in-the-dark slimed figure.

WeenIcons, one of the first (possibly THE first) of the recent trend in referential, homage t-shirts (which is a fancy way of saying they skirt official status, preferring edgier, unsanctioned status), is turning their Peter-like design into a 3″ tall polystone statue. The results are AWESOME! And the Glow-in-the-dark figure, doubly so.

The bad news? These will only ship within the UK, so if you want to buy one, either find a specialty store that will import them or start sucking up to a Brit before April 2nd, 2010 (which is when the glow-in-the-dark figure goes on sale.)

[VIA, Tomopop via ToysREvil