Springfield Punx 2: Wallpaper Time!

It’s Wallpaper Monday!

There’s no such thing as Wallpaper Monday. But if there were, then this would be one of the best Wallpaper Monday’s in awhile (and there have been some great not-Wallpaper Mondays.)

Do you remember Springfield Punx, where the owner draws various non-Simpson’s characters as if they were from that cartoon show? And how he went on a Ghostbusters bender last year? Chris Morrell was inspired to repaint those figures and put them in a Simpsonized Ghostbusters 2 poster – Dean, owner and artist at Springfield Punx, liked it so much, he helped touch up the poster and is now offering it as a wallpaper on his site! Nice work, Chris!

Head on over to Springfield Punx for the full wallpaper image, and Happy Wallpaper Monday everyone (there’s no such thing – I don’t know why I said that.)

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