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The HD Room has reported that Sony has confirmed they are setting up shop in India to convert back-catalog titles (of which Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 are included) into 3D. This is growing out of two notable initiatives by Sony – the first is to produce and market 3D Rlu-ray releases of films that have already been theatrically released in the format and the second is to anticipate the release of any upcoming 3D releases.

Ghostbusters isn’t mentioned by name by Sony – no back catalog titles are referenced by Sony as candidates for the process (of which I can only begin to fathom. Google says “complicated mathematical perspective algorithms”, which I believe), but as a confirmed “Evergreen” title, it’s not hard to assume Ghostbusters will make the list, eventually, if not initially. Ghostbusters 2, maybe not so much. That movie hasn’t even gotten a regular Blu-ray release yet.

But I digress – the most important detail in the article is;

“Joe Nakata, a deputy general manager for Sony’s 3D strategy unit…”

This confirms that Sony actually HAS a corporate strategy for 3D films that isn’t just an idea in the CEO’s brain. Between this exciting idea of giving the 25 year old film some depth, it also adds serious weight to the idea that if/when made, Ghostbusters 3 will indeed be Ghostbusters 3D. Which is good, because the guy at MarketSaw that first reported the rumour of a 3D film has slightly altered his post from the original friend-I-know-at-ILM to the way it reads now, which is friend-at-ILM-who-is-a-friend-of-a-guy-I-know.

[VIA HDRoom and River Of Slime]


  1. Still nothing official.

  2. “Joe Nakata, a deputy general manager for Sony’s 3D strategy unit, has confirmed that Sony is ramping up conversion processes in India to apply 3D technology to older catalog films. And he expects the first benefactors of this strategy to hit stores in roughly a year’s time.”

    Which means, officially, old Sony movies are going to be converted to 3D for home video release in a year’s time. FACT

    Ghostbusters is a confirmed evergreen product, meaning Sony will always include it in it’s release roster, meaning it’s practically given that it will get the 3D retro-treatment, barring the collapse of the entire initiative. SOLID GUESS

    If Sony has a department devoted to facilitating and distributing 3D films, both old and new, then it goes a long way to support the previous rumour. STRONGER RUMOUR

    Honestly, there’s no pleasing you people some days.

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  4. Awesome news!

  5. Would be cool to see Slimer rushing at you in the scene where he gets Peter. :)


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