Just because it’s Friday: The Ecto-12

The gang over at the GBFans messageboards have started up a thread on that old chestnut, “What will the cars be in the third movie?” The question comes up a lot and some good guesses have been made, including the so-good-someone-made it Ecto-Magnum (which not only looks good, but is also, like the original Miller Meteor, a car that is no longer being produced). I stick by my half-joking suggestion of an Ecto-Smart (c’mon – perfect to busy New York streets – drive it on the sidewalk if you have to.)

But regardless of what the current script has in mind (and what the reality of pre-production will end up using), back in 1999, Dan Aykroyd had an idea.

And he called it the Ecto-12.

From the first draft, GB3: Hellbent script;


A 1989 converted Cadillac, ECTO-12, weaves in and out of traffic.

And, as with most movie scripts, that is all. A name and a year, and even the year is more thought than most scripts would include, but obviously, being a gearhead, Dan had some ideas. The only trouble is, he never expanded on it anywhere else.

So, the question is, what was he thinking of. Certainly a 1989 model car is nearly as aged a design as the original Ecto-1 was, and the Cadillac brand is still there for continuity – but there were six Caddy models produced in 1989.

Three we can discount as being too small – not that smaller cars can’t be used, but let’s assume for the sake of discussion that Dan was thinking of cars of similar imposing size to the Miller Meteor conversion from the first film. That cuts out the Seville, DeVille, and Allanté (a Roadster.)

The Fleetwood and Brougham are also classified as full-sized vehicles, the same as the Seville and DeVille, but unlike those two, the Fleetwood and Brougham are of sufficient size that there are hearse conversions of them (1989 is square in the modern ambulance era. ie truck with panel box on back) – coincidentally, the recent replica auctioned off for charity in Germany was an even older model Fleetwood, which looks not bad, but the ’89s are kind of, well, ’89ish.

This just leaves the Eldorado, and this car has “Dan Aykroyd will love it” written all over it. Indeed, the early models are highly reminiscent of the Ecto-1. But what about the 1989 model? Well, that’s the tricky part – after 1986, the cars seem a bit too modern, compared to the Sixth Generation Eldorados (1979-1985), which don’t have to sculpted front grills of the early models, but is still more distinctive that the Seventh generation models.

And the ’71 wagon… oh what an Ecto it could be.

But it’s a ’71 – Dan said ’89.

So, just because it’s Friday, what 1989 Caddy do you think Dan had in mind or would approve of? Can you find a hearse conversion I didn’t see? Can the smaller models make good Ectos? Maybe you like the Seventh gen fronts over the Sixth gen. Why the hell is it the Ecto-12? What the hell is the Ecto-50!?

Talk it up!

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