Lost Gozer costume found, rescued.

Andymac over at the GBFans.com messageboards spotted this thread at prop/costuming messageboard – after 26 years, Slavitza Jovan‘s Gozer bodysuit has been found in a surplus store on an “unidentified” costume rack! A very flimsy piece of kit, the costume has held up well, with the various body-bubbles taking the most abuse over the years.

When compared to photos of Jovan in costume, it is very easy to see it is the actual costume, minus the “neck warmer” which was applied separately, presumably because its lace edges ran up the neck, under the chin, and behind the ears, as it it was a part of her. The man who found it, Mr. Fusion, is determined to restore it – we wish him the best of luck. It’ll be hard, but worth it.

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