More GB3 plot spoilers? Cinematical claims exclusive.

In the wake of the renewed Venkman-as-ghost buzz, Cinematical decided to up the ante by revealing that they “have it on very good authority” that the mythology at the core of the third film is Zoroastrianism. Cinematical’s Wiki research puts it as “one of the earliest religions on record.” Based on that little tidbit, they posit the idea that the Zoroastrian personification of evil, Ahriman, could be the villan. And then they totally back down from that plan, as they have nothing by conjecture. Which is fine. However;

Ghostbusters already set itself up using Sumerian/Babylonian mythology, which predates Zoroastrianism by a bit – by thousands of years if you add in the hint of Lovecraft also used. So why Zoroastrianism (if this is indeed true)? Well, because it’s a very familiar, Christian concept of heaven, hell, god, the devil, without actually being Christian… which makes it a nice middle ground. It also suggests that some of the themes from Hellbent aren’t gone. Hellbent used a tongue-in-cheek version of Judeo-Christian themes. Hell featured prominently, lead by a slightly re-branded Lucifer. Even God puts in an appearance.

So, Cinematical’s unverified rumour isn’t exactly a bad one, given the history of the third film’s script. And honestly, we’ve had Sumerian gods, a magician, then Lovecraft cults in the video game… the sky is the limit for the third film.

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