Freddy v Ghostbusters contributor scores with animated zombies

It’s always nice to see fans move from consumers to makers. And then it’s even nicer to see them move from makers to professional producers. In this instance, Haylar Garcia (who acted in, as well as helped shoot and loaned a location to Hank Braxtan’s Freddy v Ghostbusters) is getting some buzz for this animated zombie film he wrote, A.D. – looking forward to seeing this one, that’s for sure, and congrats to Garcia and gang. Click here for an interview with them at Zombie Info.

[UPDATE] Curious, I went wandering a bit – Hank’s crew and pals have started to spread out in the industry. A group did a movie for SyFy, for starters.

I know our regular columnist, Troy, is neck deep in media production. And the guy behind the Busting Makes Me Feel Good fan film, the first GB fan film, went on to produce special effects for pretty much everything you see on TV it seems.

Who else out there was inspired by Ghostbusters to get into the industry and actually had it come to pass?

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