You know what you need? Wallpaper I pulled from the trash

Occasionally, I clean house at Proton Charging, and that means digging through some really, really, really old files. These files are from August 1998 – I’d managed to get a demo copy of a powerful piece of mosaic software to play with, and my first test was a nice scan I had of the Ecto-1a. And there are the results;

Basically, the program would take any images I gave it (I gave it the much smaller PC image archive, plus a few images I pulled from the web here and there) and attempt to build the original image (the Ecto-1a) – and honestly, I wish I had had more images for the program to use, but the results were still pretty cool.

And just for old-time’s sake, I’ve made the image into PC wallpaper. Enjoy.

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