I'd like to teach the world to sing… the theme to Ghostbusters

Just a small admin posting here – if you look to the top of the left-side navigation bar, I’ve added a Google Translate option. You choose your language of preference, and the website will be machine translated automatically. While not a perfect translation, I’ve impressed some friends with languages I don’t actually speak, thanks to Google, so it seems more than adequate.

Proton Charging’s visitors are almost entirely from Canada, the US and the UK. I’m hoping this translation option will help open the site to non-English speaking fans.

If you are an English reader who is also familiar with other, non-English GB websites and messageboards (I know some of you are), please help spread the word that Proton Charging is now multi-lingual!

And if you are a non-English speaking reader, please feel free to add to the comments. Not all the PC readers will understand, but some will and I loooove using Google translate.

Thanks everyone!

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