More on GB Minimates at Toy Fair 2010 – Accessories!

Earlier the photos coming out of Toy Fair, showed a line of new Ghostbusters figures, with a Ray/Winston bubble 2-pack behind them. Later photos had the 2-pack moved, a title card added, and concept art for the lab coat Ghostbusters on display.

The title card confirms that the figures are Wave 4 and are due July ’10 – better yet, the concept art shows what the lab coat Ghostbusters come with for gadgets;

– Peter w/ video camera and hip video recorder
– Ray w/ gas sniffer and sniffing wand
– Egon w/ spectral analyzer colander AND stethoscope AND scientific calculator AND PKE meter!

Smart chappies will remember this is what the guys are sporting in their commercial shoot (which is the only time all three wore lab coats.)

Dana can be seen at the bottom of the poster, which shows that besides her grey dress (as seen in the figure) she’ll come with the blue overcoat she wore to see the guys for the first time (including the extra set of blue arms) – what isn’t clear is another item that is obscured. Purse?

[images VIA Inside Pulse]

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