Spooky's Corner pilot episode

Kevin’s got a project and he just posted his pilot. Check it out!

So Spooky’s Corner is an idea I have for this series and sub series of videos related to my Ghostbusters fandom. I have been a fan of the movies and cartoons since I was two (I’m not kidding it’s been that long) and it has been a huge influence on me. So to kind of get the ball rolling I originally was gonna do a quick review of the new Minimates and give some thoughts on them. But as time went on I had a better idea; to give this a real test run and test if I could do reviews of movies and video games as a separate show like I’m think I want to do later down the road I should review a game most people don’t talk about. So here we have this video!
I hope you enjoy this first “pilot” episode!

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