GB fan art round-up

The web these days is buzzing with fan art, more than ever before, and while some get instant attention, some pile up. Fortunately is keeping track – so here’s a quick update;

You still have a couple of days left to nab this custom Ecto-1 diorama on eBay – current bid is $140!

This pair of Terror Dogs is going for $500 on Etsy (or $300 alone… but why would anybody want them alone.) It’s pricey, but factor in hand sculpting and their one-of-a-kind nature (the sale site says these are the only ones they made), it’s not that crazy a price.

And as usual, DeviantArt is chock-full of awesome GB inspired art.

GB3 by stayte of the art
B-Movie Ghostbusters by Karlika
Stylized Egon by johnnymartini
Stylized Venkman by johnnymartini
Winston by awesome comic artist EvanBryce
No Humans Allowed by Gh0stbuster

Gh0stbuster also does some schweet! animation. Well worth the side click, really…

Ghostbusters by hasUnow

hasUnow’s gallery is also worth checking out, not only for his Peter Venkman, but all his film art.

GhostBusters Sketch Cards by TraditionalDanimatio

Dan shouldn’t need much introduction to PC readers, but these sketch cards (which he gives out with purchases of his prints) make me wish for a new collectible card set.

3D Slimer by Zlydoc

And just because not everything has to be flat;

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man by PortraitSculptor

Or how about;

Zuul by PortraitSculptor

Or how about his Venkman bobblehead, Slimer statue, or Venkman statue?

I’d go on, by a) GBNews has a steady hand on all this these days, and b) there are 9200+ hits for Ghostbusters on DeviantArt – I’m not going through it all for you!

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