The Threadless Ghost Bustin' community collaboration [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] 50 pieces of ghost art have been received already (probably way more than that), so submissions have been closed by the project artist.

Alexmdc, a well established Threadless designer with no less than twelves designs making it to print, has a new project underway and it needs you. Well, 50 people, to be specific – first come, first serve.

His idea, in short, is to invite 50 people to provide a small ghost, or creature, or anything really, to appear in the middle of two Ghostbuster types, who are busting them;

IDEA: the GHOSBUSTERS shooting a bunch of different characters, with their crossing rays and they’re all captured within a huge ghost bubble, will most likely change the white into glow in the dark ink, so keep that in mind.

-remember you character doesn’t have to be a generic ghost-
It can be a a creature/monster/kittie/puppie/jublin hahaha just keep it pg13 but if you want to go with some traditional ghost, that’s fine also.

50 first designs to be submitted
first come first serve!

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