Jim Beard on IDW's upcoming CON-VOLUTION GB one-shot

Readers will recall we’d previously mentioned that rumblings had started over IDW’s next one-shot Ghostbusters comic, entitled CON-volution.

Well, writer Jim Beard popped into the PC comments to share some more info;

Hi, all. Jim Beard here, one half of the writing team of CON-VOLUTION.

The holiday in question here is 4th of July, sometimes known as Independence Day (or for our friends across the Pond, “that little 1776 uprising”). Rest assured that suitable nods to said holiday are made.

Plus, yeah, Keith Dallas and I consider Comic-Con a holiday, regardless 😉

Hope you will take a look when its out or order in advance – we’re dead excited about it and thrilled to pieces that Josh Howard is illustrating it. Gives the book a ghost of a chance, you might say.

Thanks for all the chatter about the book!

Btw, IIRC, there’s only two covers and they come in a 1:1 ratio at the comic shops. They’re both AMAZING. And as the plan stands now, both Keith and I will be at SDCC signing copies and would love to meet and and all ‘Busters fans.


Josh Howard character test sketches - not from comic

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