More behind-the-scenes photos on Facebook.

Boss Film

Ectofiend has scoured out dozens more photos from Steve Johnson’s facebook page, as well as the Boss Film Rules Facebook group. Buckle up;

Slimer mugging

Rigging Slimer

Toasted Stay-Puft

Stay-Puft blue screen

Slimer’s hallway flight

Second base with Slimer (under the costume, over the performer – 😉 )

Stay-Puft head melt 1

Chug-a-lug Slimer

Stay-Puft head melt 2

Slimer on stand-by

Messy eater Slimer

Burning Stay-puft

William Bryan in Stay-puft suit

John Bruno attacks New York

Stay-Puft (with parachute light bounce?)

Twist-top Stay-puft

You can see the zipper

Terror Dog

Slimer, Inside the Actor’s Studio

[from French Ghosthead “Ecto80”]:

Boss Film group photo

Couch fiends

Couch fiend arm sculpt

Originally from Steve Johnson’s Facebook page:

Library ghost 1

Library ghost 2

Ruth Oliver test make-up

Ruth Oliver make-up screentest

Library ghost 3

Steve Johnson and the Slimer Squad

Slimer sculpt – front

Slimer sculpt – behind

Slimer sculpt – face

Steve Johnson and Zombie cabbie armature

Zombie cabbie 1

Zombie cabbie 2

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