Vigo makes cameo in Oscar winning documentary

Weird. You know it was a big year for Ghostbusters when it pops up in not one, but TWO Oscar winning films. This time, the documentary The Cove, which follows a group of Dolphin activists, has a cameo by Vigo’s painting, as the activists enlist the help of friends at ILM – there in the background of the warehouse, is Vigo.

I’ve seen this picture before, I just can’t remember where – I have no doubt it will come up in the comments.

Thanks to Nevil for the heads up! Extra thanks to Cynn, for posting this on the GBFans messageboards in December (you can even see, I’m the first to reply to his post. How can a brain work so well and so badly, all at the same time?) – I knew I saw it somewhere before. I was wrong though, it wasn’t the comments that helped my aging brain, it was Twitter.

[VIA SlashFilm]

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