Cross The Streams podcast #6 online – Ernie Hudson interview!

Episode 6 of the Cross the Streams podcast is online and the guys have lined up an interview with Winston himself, Mr. Ernie Hudson. And what’s more, they’re lining up round two now, and are inviting you to send in your questions;

We all hope you enjoy the following episode of Cross the streams Radio Show. Do you want to ask Ernie a question we didn’t cover? Want to ask him a non-Ghostbusters question? Well you can! How? Through Cross the Streams Radio, that’s how. In 2 weeks from this date we’ll be talking with Ernie and if you’d like to get your question answered by Ernie himself, send us what you want ask and we’ll actually ask Ernie.

Where do you send your questions to Ernie? Over at:

And one more time; Ernie.
Click here to download the episode.

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