Reitman vs younger GB3 director? New script not until May. [UPDATE]

For every one of you that has ever said, “What is taking so long?” or “They are totally making this movie right now!” you need… NEED… to read this New York Magazine article, which outlines the deal Columbia made with the principles (Aykroyd, Ramis, Murray, and Reitman) to get Ghostbusters 2 made. And even moreso, it outlines how that deal, as it pertains to Ivan, might be why the project is still not greenlit – in short, Sony wants new directing blood, and Reitman’s contract says they can’t without his say so.

However, Sony’s hopes that FWB would lead to Reitman making a graceful exit from Ghostbusters III will likely be dashed. Insiders familiar with Reitman’s plans say he thinks the two comedies are not mutually exclusive, and still plans to direct both, raising serious questions about whether Sony will want to proceed with Ghostbusters III at all. However, losing Ghostbusters would make a tough 2011 even tougher, as the studio has no other franchise blockbuster scheduled.

Also mentioned through their grapevine is that the second draft of the Stupnitsky and Eisenberg script isn’t due until May.

THAT’S why the movie isn’t officially being made yet, as said here time and time again.

Jim Dixon at is saying he’s spoken to Sony directly and his sources says Reitman is still director – which you would think cancels out the Vulture article that says they want him out. But what’s missing is the perspective that NO Sony exec would say anything otherwise, while negotiations are still going on. The two aren’t mutually exclusive – the Vulture can totally have heard that Sony would prefer a different director, and contract reality says Reitman is in until he says otherwise. And Sony can totally be working towards production with Reitman at the helm, and saying so to every Tom, Dixon, and Harry on the Internet – as a public party line, regardless of what’s being discussed behind closed doors.

The Vulture’s information is just as off-the-record, so really, it’s hard to weigh one over the other anyhow, which means the only interesting piece of information is that we’re still two months away from a revised script – and if it doesn’t make all parties happy, Reitman’s role doesn’t matter, does it?

Thanks to Steven Hough for that one.

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