Fan LEGO Ghostbusters at MegaCon and SXSW

It’s not hard to imagine a mini LEGO city showing up at Orlando, Florida’s MegaCon – which it did a couple of weekends back, complete with a LEGO Stay-Puft – but a second, and apparently different custom LEGO firehall, Ecto-1 and team of minifig busters appeared this past week at Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest festival, as part of the gaming hall. While conference attendees could check out the booths of various gaming companies, or crash on a beanbag chair and relax, they could also have a peek at the Ghostbusting diorama and marvel at the Ecto-1’s working lights.

Someone sent me a link to the MegaCon pics, but I’ve misplaced it – please remind me. Follow the links above for more pics.

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