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During last week’s WFMU fund raiser, on Best Show with Tom Scharpling, funny guys John “Daily Show” Hodgman and Patton “Big Fan” Oswalt went head to head in a mini-geek trivia contest. A controversial, subjective question was added at the end, asking the two if there should be a Ghostbusters 3. Both said no, but they did properly worship Ernie Hudson as a god, and deep down, I think they know they’ll see it if it comes out. For they are geeks!

It’s not deep or anything, but it was a nice surprise in the middle of a long podcast – in fact, it’s surprising how often Ghostbusters comes up in podcasts – I don’t post about half of them, it being a labour intensive thing to cut up and post sound.

Listen to the relevant clip below.

The Best Show on WFMU

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