"We haven't had a completely successful taste of this equipment." [UPDATE]

Kayels attended a friend’s birthday party this past week – the minimally named D is apparently a big Ghostbusters fan and his brother set to work with online prop reference to create an amazingly detailed proton pack cake – I’m including the full image, so be sure to click on it to see the crazy level of detail. Licorice wire and edible labels!

Thanks to SRT40 for the heads-up!

Click for Full Sized Image

[UPDATE] SRT40, whom I think is the lucky birthday boy, and pal kayels, who posted the cake picture in the first place, have provided some more details.

# SRT40 Food colouring printed on icing for labels 🙂 Half cake was victoria sponge, half chocolate. Note the repainted kenner trap.

# kayels some of the cake was chocolate some plain.Everything is edible apart from stitches to hold the sugared jelly strips 2gether

In addition to the awesome cake, SRT40 also got a second Ghostbusters surprise;

# SRT40 Also received an overhauled Kenner Ecto 1, with the objective being ‘what the toy should have been’!! 😀

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