Weekend Con Round-Up – Wizard World Toronto, PAX East, I-Con


“How often do you get asked about Ghostbusters 3?” I ask Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson, who is wearing a “Winston Rules!” T-shirt.

“Yeah, I know that’s all over the Internet. I get asked a lot…I don’t know a whole lot more than anyone else does. I saw Ivan Reitman and he says if they get a script, they might start shooting in the fall, so there’s a good chance it could happen, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.”

“I read that Ivan Reitman might be getting kicked off the project,” I say.

“Yeah…I read that too.”

Cross The Streams – A false-alarm spoiled their chance to have a sit-down with Ernie Hudson in Toronto, but the guys at Cross The Streams did get to meet with him, and word is they’ve lined up another phoner with him in the future.

Examiner thinks I-Con is getting better and dug the Ghostbusters in attendance.

Kevin James and the New Hampshire GBs made it onto Kotaku with their appearance at PAX East!

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