"I'm gonna get him a nice fruit basket" [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Of course I’m not going anywhere – and I tried to leave as much evidence to the contrary as I could. Some noticed the underlined words, spelling April Fools – those are links, which if followed also would have clinched it. As well, the photo caption specifically contains the phrase “and this is just the beginning”, which is true (I plan on keeping this going for a good long while), instead of something more final. But most of all, it’s what I didn’t include, deliberately, that is most important – I didn’t thank anybody. Not you guys, not all the other GB webmasters, nothing… there’s no way in hell I’m walking away from this without giving out due props to everyone who dropped in along the way.

So, if you got suckered, April Fools, in the best spirit of the day – Gotcha! I didn’t mean to be mean, but don’t worry, it’s a trick I can only pull once.

What can I tell you, other than it’s been a long haul, nothing is as it was at the beginning, and I’m tired. And I’m only half-way through the existential to-do list – what happens when a kid enters the picture that becomes priority A-1?

I’m very proud of everything herein, but the animal of the Internet has changed – the tools (ie Google alerts) that made my job easier, also made it just as easy for anybody, really. Items I track down manually, the old fashioned way are automatically RSS’d out everywhere, and half of those are re-reported, sans attribution, on generic movie sites, making them look on the cutting edge of very specific genre news without the leg-work… and that means hundreds of thousands of mainstream fans get up-to-date (which is awesome), but never know where it came from (not awesome – particularly for a completely ad-free website… attribution is all I’ve got.)

So my friends, without any bells or whistles, tears or gnashing of teeth, I’m punching out. The site will remain, but as to its future, I’ll have to get back to youse!

12 years ago! And this isn't even the beginning!
12 years ago! And this isn't even the beginning!

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