Nobody steps on a church in my Townsville!

Some of you will recall Marsha, The Power Puft Girl, from years back (“Marsha” is a new addition – She was just Power Puft Girl before.) Some luck few of you may even have gotten her in sticker form. Well, time and production methods have caught up with my intentions and now you can proudly show the world just how big a geek you are by wearing a shirt mixing two decades old pop culture references!

Click image;

You can pick your colour and size – I can generate a XXXL (and even XXXXL) option upon request. I can also generate a black/dark shirt option upon request.

Bill Murray on Letterman – CBS releases clip

Bill Murray is on Letterman tonight, apparently, and CBS has released a clip from the appearance, which includes his old anecdote about people catching him humming Ghostbusters on the streets of New York. He also describes GB3 as “his nightmare.” Take is you will.

I’m not putting much faith in AICN’s analysis of the taping, from someone who was in the audience, since people have a terrible time differentiating between the wants of the principles (Dan wants Eliza Dushku in the movie, Bill wants to be killed off, etc.) and the final Sony will (nothing moves ahead until everybody is happy, particularly Sony, who sign the cheques) – particularly as AICN’s spy also reports Bill doesn’t think they movie will get made, but it’s still a very big deal that Bill is talking about it on national late-night like this.

Tune into Letterman tonight to see the whole appearance, but it’s looking like all the GB3 stuff is in the clip above already.

Thanks to Eric/GB2Vigo for the heads-up.