Wie ga je bellen? Spokenjagers!

Geocacher Frogfoot1 has registered an official, Ghostbusters-themed geocache with Geocaching.com – I’m not certain what specifically is Ghostbusters about it, other than the creator’s insistence that it is, but that it’s designed as a spooky hunt in a dark woods for kids and their parents, I’m all for it.

The cache is in Belgium and states the following (paraphrased);

The intention is for you to take on the role of a ghost-hunter, and the forest is indeed full of ghosts.
Thanks to a good tip, we have the hiding place of a scary ghost.
But do not expect you will find it quickly!
Ghostbusters will be needed!

If anyone in Belgium is going to take a stab at finding it and wants to take along some Proton Charging buttons as non-trackable prizes for hunters, email me.

Anybody know of any other Ghostbusters themed caches?

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