World's first (arguably) laser-engraved iPad – Ghostbusters style!

iPad News Tracker posted an interview today with Marcos Payan (with Fusion Of Ideas, the chain that laser-engraves in store), who was a first-adopter of the new Apple iPad who needed to distinguish his pad from others soon to arrive around his place of work. His solution was to have it laser-engraved with Peter, Ray, and Egon, as well as the Ghostbusters logo.

FOI: What did you have laser engraved onto your iPad?

MP: I had the three original Ghostbusters and the Ghostbuster logo engraved on the back of my iPad. Film has always been a passion of mine and the one film that I’ve latched onto the most growing up was the original Ghostbusters. That was the movie I watched over and over as a kid and really, it is the film that inspired me to take up film-making in the first place. I can still watch that movie over and over again (notice the ghost in the logo isn’t holding two fingers up. I pretend the second movie never even happened). I was lucky enough to meet Harold Ramis some years ago and he was kind enough to spend about twenty minutes with me talking about Ghostbusters and the industry in general. At that time I had nothing for him to sign and this was before cell phones had cameras on them as a standard. Now my goal is to get each of the Ghostbusters to sign the back of my iPad. Not exactly sure how I will make that happen …

Marcos Payan… we salute you!

Thanks to Hayden for the heads up.

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